If configuring remote client access, specify the client machine name instead of localhost. The examples use a database name mosql and a node name fnode. Below is an example for configuring a “TEST” datasource. I just spent a couple of hours trying to track down the Exception “Could not find driver”. Copy the contents of Listing 1 into a file called test.

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To report problems or ask questions regarding the use of this product combination, please visit the Cloudscape Developers Forum.

The following commands use the database name mosql and the node name fnode: Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. This deprecated feature will certainly be removed in the future.

Cloudscape and ODBC

The general set up process involves setting up a database and node in the DB2 database catalog. If ij doesn’t work, your PHP connection isn’t likely to work either. The Easysoft driver was indeed excellent, easy and reliable. In this case, the Derby database is on the local machine “localhost” and the Network Server is listening on the default port of ODBC provides the middle link that lets you do exactly that. Enter the user name for a user account with admin privileges in the User ID field and the corresponding password in the Password field.


It translates application data queries into commands understood cliebt the DBMS. Edit Report a Bug.

ODBC and DB2 Functions (PDO_ODBC)

Additionally, to use the command line version the php4ts. Leave this setting at the default strict setting unless you have good reason to change it. In the above entries the LoadModule section specifies the path to the dynamic shared object, php4apache2. Some third parties have drivers that seem to work available apafhe a fee.

Cloudscape and ODBC

Ensure you have restarted apache once the odbc files are in place. Moira Casey Published clietn September 30, It could be you are referencing wrong libraries somewhere. Our long term collaboration with Easysoft can be characterized by the excellence of their services, speed of communication and responsiveness to their clients.

Clients Beta for Cloudscape Finally, catalog the database as an ODBC data source. For Windows, select the PHP 4.

To use the command line version of PHP to test scripts, the php. It is used to access any data from any application, regardless of the database management system DBMS that handles the data. The table below shows a comparision between the features, sizes and limitations between apacbe. In the Database Name and Database Alias fields, enter mosql.


The default value is If an existing DB2 installation is being used, this version apacbe higher of the Run-Time client must be available.

Connecting PHP Applications to Apache Derby

Once you add these entries you will need to stop and start Apache for the changes to take affect. If the ij test succeeded, you’re ready for Listing 2, which contains a sample PHP script that creates a table, inserts into it, then fetches from it.

This involves running the DB2 command prompt and setting up the proper aliases in the DB2 driver apche.

This section tests your PHP connection to Derby. So to workaround this nuance in SQL, declare a character column type with explicit width. To select which version to download, first find the platform you wish to install the DB2 Run-Time client on, apachd then check the available packaging options for this platform. A warning dialog box opens, indicating that the password is stored in an unsecured location.

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