If the goal here is to block interrupts from happening it might be better to simply disable the hardware interrupts like most other drivers do. By saying the problem is still there, it is not clear to me whether it is the MSI problem. For systems running a kernel for which there is no pre-built binary driver, the installer will need to build the driver. Comment 42 Carlos Avila Nominated for Hardy by saads. I am very busy with other projects right now, so I am not planning to experiment any more with my system which now works.

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I have to add an old networking card to access updates etc. So instead of hacking defaults for everybody, the remaining issues really should be fixed in the forcedeth driver, which should somehow detect which hardware works with current defaults and which hardware requires special settings. Comment 11 Ayaz Comment 4 Carlos Avila Keep us informed of your improvements: Is there a fix to that or linu this box need to go linkx to cent6?


Installing nVidia’s nForce network driver HowTo

Nvidia MCP55 no kernel module Issues related to configuring your network. Any thoughts on this Ayaz? Henri Cook henricook wrote on It takes a few hours to trigger, typically, but when it does it locks up my linksys router presumably the Linux workstation is sending packets at such a rate that it overloads the linksys, I dunno, but if I unplug the ethernet cable then the linksys router comes back to life at the same moment as locking up the workstation itself.

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Nvidia MCP55 no kernel module – CentOS

We have a network!! We were wondering is this still an issue for you?

You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Comment 6 Andy Gospodarek Will the fixes be included in the next kernel update? However I need a permanent fix. If the goal here is to block interrupts from happening it might be better to simply disable the hardware interrupts like most other drivers do.

Linux nForce Driver – AMD64|NVIDIA

At the moment your choice is to go back linuux el6 or to wait and see if perhaps ELRepo might provide a kmod driver for the card. Comment 56 Kelsey Hightower Leann Ogasawara leannogasawara on Having a problem logging in? Is there any chance of a permanent fix appearing? Is it exactly the mcp5 i am using? Here are a few things that might help me out since I don’t have your specific board.


Plz do help me ASAP. I’m primarily trying to find out if this is P5NSLI-specific, so a clarification of the above question is: Comment 10 Andy Gospodarek Tim Gardner timg-tpi wrote on So, it could be that the problem I had was different than the problems other people had, which is why other people upgrading to Intrepid with the Ubuntu Comment 60 Kelsey Hightower Ive tried alot, and very very tired of it. Comment 54 Kelsey Hightower Never had an issue that I am aware of on Gutsy involving forcedeth.

Comment 52 Kelsey Hightower