Select the Install button. The default setting for color matching is CMYK. The printer must be powered off for the mode to be changed. From the dropdown list, select the desired Print Threshold settings. Do not stop wiping in the middle of the print head. Turn the mode switch to the correct operating position. The location of the preferences described in this section will change depending on the program used to print the label file.

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Powering on and off the Everest printer The Everest printer does not have a power switch: Remove the air filter.

Everest Encore

Please fill out this form to discuss Rimage Fulfillment Services with us. If you have a project in consideration, tell us the details of your project. Rimage everest iii up for our newsletter: For complete Warranty information and details of Maintenance Agreement Terms and Conditions, please see our Legal page.

Install the new print everet. Everest III disc rimage everest iii will pass any sunshine or dashboard test you devise – a significant advantage over other disc printers.

Rimage Everest III Printer

The Everest III is available in a variety of configurations. From the Media Size dropdown list, select the appropriate Media Size. The Printer Evereest window updates rimage everest iii display available printers.


The Everest III Utility allows you to view information such as the current firmware version, the serial number, and the installed rimage everest iii type.

Slide the carrier into the printer. Access the print head. Blog Log In or Register Cart 0. The Print dialog opens. The location of the preferences described in this section will change depending on the program used to print the rimage everest iii file. Everest III printer Model: To print on a disc with a stacking ring, select the radio button labeled Advanced.

The ribbon must come over the tacky roller. The interior of the printer contains sharp edges. However, there is rimage everest iii guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.

The Everest III employs an innovative variable dot technology, where the dots composing an image vary in size, resulting in sharper images with greater detail.

Complete white undercoat selection applies a white background everywhere on the printable area of the rimage everest iii.

Rimage Everest III, Full Color CD DVD Thermal Printer

The control panel allows you to monitor and control the Everest printer. Most discs like rimage everest iii one f. Step 2 White allow you to manually determine where a white ecerest is applied. Print ribbon carrier Latch 1 d. You might say that the folks rimage everest iii TEAC are no strangers to modesty, since they have managed to fit their most versatile thermal retransfer printer into a very unassuming black metal box.


This software allows the you to import graphics and text. Pull out the retransfer ribbon carrier.

Everest III printing also won’t scratch off? This document may contain links to web sites that were current at the time of publication, but may have moved or rimage everest iii inactive since. When the air filter is dry, place it inside the fan cover.

Install the take up roll. For more information, refer to the rimage everest iii eerest page 6. The Printable Area Settings pane displays.