Email us your issue or chat with an expert. Please try again later. Sign in to open a support case. I would just plug the cable in right away once the install is done. The computer will automatically install the driver. Opening a support case is easy! What motherboard did you use?

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I’d like to be able to use the in-game pedal effects, but it sounds like all the workarounds using other cables disables them. Running the cable too close to your PC, power cables and other electrical devices can impart a hum. Refer to the rocksmith usb guitar adapter to get the details: Code 10 error code for a specific device under Device, in spite of reinstalling or updating drivers, might occur device configuration issues.

Press the Windows key between Ctrl and Alt and the R key at the same time. Refer to the link to do so: Sound Problems with Rocksmith I’m having rocksmith usb guitar adapter problems with Rocksmith Hmm quite odd, from what I’ve seen online most people say use a powered USB 2.


Either have a go at moving the cables around, or do as I do and simply slap a virtual Noise Reduction pedal into your onscreen setup! How can we help? How to use Rocksmith efficiently. My OG short for OriGinal rocksmith cable not a cable worked fine on my old windows 7 machine, but when I rocksmith usb guitar adapter a new rig which runs windows 8 Guittar started getting this ‘hocksmit error code 10’ PITA issue.


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I would just plug the cable in right away once the install is done. Once this is achieved go back into Guitar Rig and make your input and output selections.

Using Rocksmith Real Tone cable with Guitar Rig 5 | Wardie’s World

Please try again later. This christmas I picked up a copy of the game Rocksmith.

I tried a couple USB microphones and they work with no problems. There are no results for your request.

You supply your own guitar and the connection is made by the Real Tone cable which is adaprer with the game. This site uses cookies. If you haven’t already make sure your computers USB drivers are all correct and up to date, i. Sign in to open a support case. This might take a little bit rocksmith usb guitar adapter fiddling to select them in the right order — ASIO4ALL has a habit of going all-or-nothing, but trust me it is rocksmith usb guitar adapter to do it if you find the correct order of operations.


Reinstalling the Real Tone Cable – Ubisoft Support

However, serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Click the arrow next to Sound, video and game controllers to expand that list. Sorry that didn’t help.

Rocksmith usb guitar adapter are no independent Real Tone Cable drivers. July 16, at These can be found under the Routing tab. The Code 10 error is mainly related to hardware and device driver issues or to compatibility issues between hardware drivers and additional software that is installed in Windows. For more information about how to back rocksmith usb guitar adapter and restore the registry, you can refer to the following steps to back the registry files on the computer: Choose the Levels tab at the top.